Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Understand the process of renting in USA from Eric P. Gonchar

Finding an apartment is a long arduous process until you find a good deal. But once you do, it becomes quite simple. For all those of you who fret over the effort it takes to rent a new house in USA, real estate law expert Eric P. Gonchar breaks it into four simple steps for you.

Inspect The Property

When you want a great property, you have to spend time in inspecting it. The more research you invest, the better it is. If you’re hiring an agent for the same make sure they get you some personal appointments with the landlords. Go over and check the property for any damage or other basic issues. If you can’t go over, send a friend over to get it done for you. The other alternative is to get images and videos of the property.

Process Your Application

Once you like the property and confirm, you begin the process of filling in the papers and important documentation about the property. Eric Gonchar says you should always be careful with all kinds of agreements here. From lease to pets, let the papers be very specific about every little detail to avoid any kind of last minute hassles. These papers also include your income details, what are the rental payments you are going to make, how you will make them. etc.

Signing The Bond

When the entire process of documentation is over, it’s time to sign the lease. You have to then pay one month’s rental within 24 to 48 hours of getting government’s approval on the tenancy application. Usually this bond can be paid once the tenancy agreement is commenced.

Move In Your New House

You can now move into your new house. Check the logistics properly when you shift. Eric Gonchar suggests you should also report immediately if there is any damage anywhere. Don’t give penalties for something that was already broken or tattered.

Monday, September 29, 2014

7Home Renting Tips Eric Gonchar

Prepare Basic Documents for Tenants before Moving in from Eric P. Gonchar

So you finally found a suitable place for rent? If you think that ends the housing troubles for you, it doesn’t. Once you finalize a deal, the next important aspect is to get the documentation work sorted between you and your landlord. For those of you wondering what exactly needs to be prepared, Real Estate specialist, Eric P. Gonchar has a piece of advice for you. Read on.

Basic Documents of Core Agreements

The most important point to note here is that agreements of tenancy are different for each state. While the documentation you receive at the beginning of a tenancy can vary from state to state, there are some papers that remain the same. These include information about renting rules in your state, bond of lodging and its condition, tenancy agreement, and signed copies of these agreements by you, returned to your owner within a specific time frame. Eric Gonchar specifies here that you need to ensure that you keep at least two copies of these essential docs with you.

Know what Lease details are Required

With 27 years of experience in real estate law, Eric P. Gonchar emphasizes on the fact that tenants need to keep the lease details clear. The lease document bears the expiry date of the lease document and it states that both the parties are bound by lease terms. The tenant also has the right to renew the lease if he wants.

Specific Details for Special Permits

Find out about the laws in your state and know the right documents to produce before your landlord in case you have odd working hours, a pet that you want to keep, etc. Anything that requires more than usual care needs to be specified on paper with your tenant’s signatures.

There’s nothing more thrilling than a new place to move into. And if your paper work is in order, it saves you the unexpected and uncalled for issues that may erupt later. Enjoy a stress free experience in your new apartment.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Effective Tips by Eric P. Gonchar for Ending The Tenancy

Ending a tenancy isn’t easy. Any ignorance or errors on the tenant’s or landlord’s part can create several issues. Hence, both parties need to take care of certain important facts.

According to real estate expert Eric P. Gonchar (attorney practicing in New York for several years), one needs to take special care to keep the problems to the minimum. Here are some tips to end tenancy amicably:

Preparation is the Key

One needs to be fully prepared to end the tenancy to avoid stress. In case, the tenancy has been decided for a fixed term, start finding a new location or think of renewal of contract before the contract for the term is about to end. This should be the case with landlord too. The landlord must talk to the tenant for plans on renewal or moving out.

Inspection of Property

Once the tenant decides to leave the property, it is time to arrange for joint inspection. This is important to be able to agree on certain damages that require rectification.  Similarly, tenants should be ready to get the property analysed.

Important Documents Handy

“You must keep all important documents handy” says Eric Gonchar. Make sure you have relevant records related to tenancy handy in the event they are required. Some of the most important documents required include the tenancy agreement, report for initial Property Inspection, records for rent payment slips, Report, form for bond refund, etc. This will help keep the headache away on the part of both parties.

The Final Payment

The landlord must provide a polite reminder on full and final payment for all utility bills. No outstanding amount should be left. Speak to the landlord about the payments made and provide him with the copies of all receipts. This will help you in the long run.

The Key

According to Eric Gonchar, tenants should make adequate arrangements to handover the keys. This means the new premises should be arranged well in advance to avoid inconvenience on the part of both parties.

These tips will ensure that you don’t only end the agreement smoothly but also maintain a good relationship with each other.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eric P. Gonchar’s 7 Survival Tips On Renting out Your Home

What do you do with a house you bought just for investment?  According to Eric P. Gonchar it would be a good idea to rent out the house if you are already living in a house of your own. 


Eric Gonchar, who is a lawyer practicing real estate law in New York gives a few survival tips, which will help you manage your rental property:

  1. Bad Tenants should be avoided. When renting out your home, you should always check out all the details of the clients like their name, place of work, salary, previous landlord and their references. This will give you a fair idea about the person. 
  2. Rent should be a reasonable one. Before deciding on the rent for your home, make sure that you ask around about the rent which is being charged by other landlords. According to Eric Gonchar attorney, the rent should be such that it becomes an income for you but you should also leave some scope for increases in the future.
  3. A detailed lease agreement is a must. While renting your home you should make it clear to the tenants what you expect of them and this should be outlined in the lease agreement.
  4. Invest in a Rental Insurance Policy.  Eric Gonchar Real Estate Lawyer recommends that you should invest in a insurance policy for your rental home as this will cover any damages caused by the tenants.
  5. Ask tenants to buy Renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance insures the items of the tenants from any kind of damage due to emergencies like a broken water heater flood, damage from a leaky roof etc.
  6. Be prepared for evictions. It is always good to be in touch with a real estate lawyer like Eric, in case you need to evict the tenants from your house.
  7. Hiring an expert management company will ease out all the stress involved in renting your house to tenants.
These survival tips by Eric P. Gonchar will definitely make renting out your home an easier task.